Cody Wilson, Papa John, TSA Immunity, & Cowboys (24m) – Editor’s Break 090

Editor’s Break 090 has Skyler giving his commentary on the following topics: Cody Wilson, Defense Distributed, and why it’s a good thing that everyone the world over can download and make their own firearms; his mixed feelings on Papa John being rebuked for using the word “nigger” informationally; the TSA being given immunity from liability for their actions; the controversy around the University of Wyoming’s new marketing slogan, “The world needs more cowboys.”; and more.

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Individuals and Differences

Everyone is an individual. (Duh)

There are differences between individuals. These differences are real.

Some of those differences are affected by things which have been used historically to limit or deny natural human rights to some people. This is wrong.

Then there are differences which aren’t as real. Even some totally imaginary things have been used as excuses to limit or deny natural human rights of some people. Things like nationality or “citizenship”, for example.

Rights don’t differ among individuals. Not based on any criteria. Not for any reason. No matter how you feel about it.

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International Wrecking Ball

Nobody asked but …

POTUS says Germany is a captive of Russia.  But the USA is a captive of its own military — and now here comes the Space Force.

The problems of the USA vis NATO are direct consequences of the size, the gross excessiveness, of the PMIC (Politico-Military Industrial Complex).

The whole world is captive to this behemoth.

Let’s see POTUS maintain the behemoth without the NATO pact.

— Kilgore Forelle

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The Gift That Keeps Giving

For now, give what you can.

For later, create more than you have.

For now, do your best.

For later, practice at getting better.

For now, share the things you’ve experienced.

For later, experience new things you can share.

Generosity isn’t just about showing up for today. It’s about living in a way that increases your chances of showing up in the future.

One of the best gifts you can give to the world is a version of yourself that never stops growing.

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