The Racket

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“These Boundless Wonders” is an original weekly column appearing every Friday at, by Avery M. Tolliver. Avery is a writer, basketball player, musician and queso dip aficionado. His personal blog can be found here. Archived columns can be found here. TBW-only RSS feed available here.

These arbitrarily defined borders
Enclose a scary place
When the Tyrant has no singular face

Like an automaton responding to legalized orders
With 1.25 billion limbs and 630 million eyes
It seems like this leviathan never dies

Clamoring for this, that, and more democracy
It always has the last word
When you’re just a number in the herd

Regulations, laws, more insanity
The only moves left for a corrupt institution
This is glorified prostitution

Mass murder executed with remote controls
The end result of the philosophy of force
Where taxes, bombs, jails and death are par for the course

There is no escape from its racketeering patrols
Which will bend your will
Unorthodox thought, they will kill

One-track mind, plans never defined
And to make sure you’re not defiant,
It takes your power and money to keep you reliant

But here, where the criminals are enshrined,
There remains an alternative
To what is dark and primitive

Reject this mirage at every turn
Remove your children from its school
Instead teach peace, and how not to be cruel

Society can’t be taught, only individuals can learn
That voluntary interaction is the way
To increase prosperity each and every day

Ennoble the market, comprised of many people
United by common interests
Not divided by plunderous conquests

Warn those deceived by this Tyrant’s evil
That another path exists
And the flame of freedom shall persist

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