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Philosophy of Voluntaryism 002 – The Importance of Peace (53m)

Philosophy of Voluntaryism 002 is a look at the importance of peace, by Danilo Cuellar and Jim Limber Davis. "There is more to peace than it being the end game. Peace is a means to an infinite number of ends. Peace is the multipurpose tool for the cognitively advanced mind which understands why it places value upon itself and why others place value upon themselves. Peace is the amplifier of positivity, productivity, and creativity." Read the full thing

Episode 068 – Branden’s Journey, and Freemasonry (1h31m)

Episode 068 welcomes Branden Espinoza to the podcast. Branden talks about his transition from hardcore conservative to voluntaryist. Topics include his individualism-based scouting experience, exposing government pollution as a youngster, his transition to adulthood while lifeguarding and attending Cornell University, his church mission, and finishing school at BYU, and his involvement with freemasonry and what its meant to his journey to voluntaryism. Read the full thing

Episode 067 – Morgan’s Journey, and Welcome to the Podcast! (1h10m)

Episode 067 introduces Morgan Aldous as the new co-host of the podcast as we talk about his journey toward voluntaryism. Topics include conservatism, the War in Iraq, raising chickens, his family's small business, Freakonomics, Tom Woods and the Depression of 1920, his church mission, college debate team, the Mises Institute, unschooling, and more. Read the full thing