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A Message from the Calm to the Angry

Dear Angry Person, I can tell that you're angry at me again. I think I understand your complaint, though I have trouble understanding why this specific issue is upsetting you on this specific day. But based on past experience, asking for clarification will only make you angrier, without helping me avoid your future anger. As usual, then, I plan to appease you. Read the full thing

Rethinking “Evil”

If you watch the news (not recommended) you see people committing despicable acts of violence, and the general consensus is that these people who do evil... are evil. Ironically, when you have decided that someone is evil, bad, or wrong, it's easy to justify doing evil things to them. "An eye for an eye" makes everyone blind. All this evildoing perpetuates the false belief that humans are inherently evil and would behave badly if not for our prohibitive laws and the constant threat of punishment. Read the full thing

The Reality of This Moment

Editor’s Pick. Written by Leo Babauta. As you sit here reading this, pause and expand your awareness beyond your computer/phone … what is the reality of this moment? You’re reading, and there are a bunch of other tasks you want to do on your computer, yes … but there’s also your body. How does that feel? There’s the area around you, perhaps some people around you. There’s nature nearby. Take a pause to become aware of the actual reality of this particular moment. Read the full thing at » Read the full thing

How to Practice Nonviolent Communication

Editor’s Pick. Written through crowdsourcing. Nonviolent Communication (NVC) includes a simple method for clear, empathic communication, consisting of four steps: observations, feelings, needs, requests. NVC aims to find a way for all present to get what really matters to them without the use of guilt, humiliation, shame, blame, coercion, or threats. It is useful for resolving conflicts, connecting with others, and living in a way that is conscious, present, and attuned to the genuine, living needs of yourself and others. Read the full thing at » Read the full thing