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Hate Isn’t Worth the Effort

But it’s been a hard thing for me to keep in mind the last several days. I’m feeling miserable in many ways right now–I need to get over it.

It’s very rare that I hate individuals.

I can hate actions. I can hate gangs which exist to commit those actions I hate.

If an individual is in a gang which encourages actions I hate, then eventually I might start to hate that individual–especially if their gang becomes an important part of their identity and they defend the evil they commit due to their gang associations.

If another individual continually commits actions I hate, on a freelance basis, and refuses to stop or take responsibility for their actions, then it is always possible I could start hating that individual, too. It’s still about the actions rather than the individual.

More likely, though, I’ll pity those individuals and see them as stupid and/or stubborn. In most cases I’ll continue to hold out hope for any individual, knowing that anyone can change and stop being a bad guy in an instant. All it takes is realization and a refusal to excuse the inexcusable just because it’s convenient.

And pity is healthier for me than hate, anyway.

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