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Words Poorly Used #74 — Education

The experience of school teaches the same thing as prison does, that survival is dependent on maximum control of the hierarchy. The warden/principal must make sure that all aggression goes down the structure, not up. Neither bullies nor rapists are of any real concern, to the upper tiers, since the lower in the hierarchy a victim stands, the higher the penalties for upsetting the order.

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Words Poorly Used #73: Avoiding War

There were a post and a thread of discussion on Facebook today covering the POTUS-Elect’s nomination for Secretary of State. Someone ventured that we (the USA, I suppose) would “avoid war with Russia.” One, we never avoid war, it is the health of the state (per Randolph Bourne), and it is the wealth of the oligarchy. And it is the joystick of the powerful. Two, haven’t every POTUS and SOS always avoided war with Russia, or did I miss an episode? Give a little, take a little, but don’t break up the game.

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