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Life Isn’t Perfect, and Neither is Justice

I readily admit that some crimes are so heinous, full restoration is impossible. A life taken cannot be restored. Innocence lost cannot be reclaimed. Life isn't perfect and therefore neither is justice. These facts are equally true in a retributive system of justice as they are in a restorative one. A murder victim is no less dead because his killer is executed by the state. A rape victim is no less victimized because her killer is locked in a cage for a decade. Retribution is popular because it feels good. Hurting someone who hurt us satisfies a primal urge. That doesn't make it right. continue reading

The Malevolence of The Right

As a libertarian, I consider myself outside of the "political spectrum" of left versus right. That said, if I must partner with either a liberal whose greatest sin is his willingness to steal money for humanitarian endeavors or a conservative who gleefully calls for the kidnapping and caging of peaceful people because they grow plants or ingest chemicals of which he does not approve, I will choose the liberal. continue reading

Capitalism for Dummies (and Socialists)

The whole notion of capitalism is that those with capital are incentivized to invest it in order to obtain a profit. If profits are outlawed or significantly reduced through confiscatory taxation, the incentive to invest is reduced or eliminated. If profit is forbidden, I have no incentive to invest rather than consume. Why would I delay gratification and take on risk to plant a field or build a factory if I don't stand to make a profit by doing so? continue reading