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Freedom is More Important Than Fear

A pit bull biting a child does not mean that pit bulls should be banned. A Tesla automobile getting into an accident does not mean that Teslas should be banned. A person falling off a ski lift does not mean that ski lifts should be banned. An immigrant committing a crime does not mean that immigrants should be banned. A Muslim committing an act of terror does not mean that Muslims should be banned. The list of examples is as long as there are things and people which some authoritarians would like to ban. Read the full thing

Stop Trying to Control One Another

Most conservatives think I'm a liberal because I oppose the death penalty, war, the draft, censorship, drug laws, and other state interference in people's personal lives. Most liberals think I'm a conservative because I oppose obamacare, welfare, food stamps, taxes, environmental regulations, and other state interference in business and the economy. Most libertarians think I'm an anarchist because I refuse to engage in the game of voting for people to run the state rather than agitating for its abolition. Read the full thing

The Role of Capitalism in Anarchy

Anarcho-capitalists have a tendency to fancy themselves as too far outside the normal sphere of anarchy when we are actually just anarchists who understand both economics and human nature. In a free society devoid of the fiction that is authority, some people would indeed acquire, improve, and trade natural resources. Ergo, capitalism. This would happen not because a system of capitalism was established but simply because no one was stopping production and trade from occurring. Read the full thing