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Neo-Luddism as the Paradigm of Misanthropy

The ultimate goal of automation and mechanization is to reach the state where all automatic tasks are performed by automata and all mechanical tasks are performed by mechanisms, which will finally allow humans to focus on specifically human tasks, requiring specifically human skills, talents, and dispositions. Thus, the neo-Luddite claim that bringing those processes to their ultimate conclusion will condemn humankind to permanent idleness is one of the most insultingly misanthropic and demoralizing claims imaginable. After all, it is the claim that a human being can be productive only as an inferior replacement for a machine, but not as a being focused on fulfilling his specifically human potential. continue reading

Old and New Statism and Ways to Defeat Them

The ancient state consolidated its power by destroying the dignity of its victims, by demanding that they grovel in the dirt before the "god-king" and pay him endless tributes. The modern state consolidates its power by allowing its victims to destroy their dignity themselves, by helping them to parasitize on each other until they all hate themselves as much as they hate one another. continue reading

Bad vs. Worse: Welfare Statism and Tribal Statism

Practically no one believes that so-called welfare states have the right to invade non-welfare states and remake them in their image, so that no one in the world is deprived of state welfare. Likewise, practically no one believes that so-called welfare states have the right to impose special taxes on their citizens with the purpose of creating welfare state systems in those countries that cannot afford to do so by themselves. continue reading