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Nay Impossible to Understand the Middle East Fiasco

I believe little of what comes out of the Middle East. This isn't because I take anyone's side, but because the natives have such a small amount of influence relative to the other powers that be. So many conflicting interests are concentrated in areas with such a messed up economy and competing native interests that is is almost impossible for a casual observer to understand the complexities of the issue. continue reading

A Critique of Stefan Molyneux’s Discussion with Stephan Kinsella on Schooling

One of my strategies in sniffing out unequal or one sided relationships is to always shift the players around. Lets say a politician asked the question “How do you manage the behavior of the people?” Your response would likely be something like “Who are you? I am not your subject to be managed!” Of course you are probably thinking, well this is the difference between a young child who lacks experience and mental capabilities and an adult. I would somewhat agree, but also have strong disagreement. There is a little bit more subtlety at work. continue reading

Are Intellectual Communities Harmful?

Though intellectual communities have the ability to share information and provide support for the people who are a part of them, I believe there is a stronger counterbalancing negative force of group think and an infrastructure for individual interests to poison a whole field of study. This is why the term "scientific consensus" is so dangerous. In effect, it is merely pushing for group think. continue reading