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Lessons from Building Praxis – Part 4

Ever heard that riddle about whether you should take a million dollars or a penny, doubled each day for a month?  Take the penny.  You’ll end up with $1.3M if it’s a 28-day month, and as much as $10.7M if it’s a 31-day month. Doubling is extreme, but even growth of a fraction of a percent compounded every single day can achieve mind-boggling results.  When you’re trying to go from idea to inception, progress each day is crucial.  You can’t get stuck waiting for one big leap.  You need to take at least one step every single day.

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The One Thing That Makes Government a Problem: Cops

Next to cops, presidents are nothing. “Laws” are nothing. Corrupt prosecutors (but I repeat myself) are nothing. Power-crazed judges are nothing. Bureaucrats are nothing. The State is nothing. Cops are the one thing that makes government a problem for Rightful Liberty and those who exercise it. Nothing else even comes close– no matter how evil and reprehensible other things may be.

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