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There Needs to be a Big Wall

I don't speak the language of the people there, and few of them spoke English. Literally hundreds of people had the opportunity to attack me, rob me, or kill me. None did. That did not surprise me. Several of them gave me food and other stuff, in exchange for pieces of paper. Words were not needed for that to happen. Mutual respect and courtesy abounded, as did mutually beneficial interaction. Read the full thing

The Journey of Survival and The Risk of Failure

Many, probably most, people believe animals are probably better off in the wild rather than the zoo. This is true despite the fact that zoos offer the resources that animals spend most of their existence trying to acquire in abundance and at no risk. We reasonably understand that their evolutionary drive provides them with purpose and that merely giving them the ends of so many of their goals make them weak and depressed. Read the full thing

Principles, or a Convenience?

I recently saw a person publicly declare he is rejecting the Zero Aggression Principle (ZAP) after years of following it. The reason: Someone had insulted his girlfriend and he decided that the ZAP was inconvenient and “pacifist” because it informed him that using violence against the insulter would be something he didn’t have a right to do. He didn’t like this and started posting links claiming that words cause real harm. Read the full thing