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Agorism – Solution Oriented Action

This article was originally posted @ the Salt Lake Freedom Hive. The concept of Agorism is one of the many concepts that will be discussed often here in the Freedom Hive. Not only discussed, but practiced and promoted with the hope of inspiring others to adopt the ideas of Agorism and counter-economics. While researching human control systems that attempt to enslave and control people advertently or inadvertently, I’ve come across one of those systems and spent a large amount of time researching it, the Federal Reserve System. This is the current monetary system in place, not only in the United States, but the same system has been setup all over the world. A lot of my research on the topic of the Federal Reserve System has been tracked in my WebBrain, The Creature of Control. I’ve also compiled a lot of data on the Fed on a Facebook page I manage End The Federal Reserve – End Slavery. It did not take long in my research to find that the Federal Reserve System is directly opposed to the philosophy of freedom and the main purpose of the Fed is to enslave human beings to endless debt and a monetary unit (the Federal Reserve note) that is based on no actual value. For those who are not familiar with the Federal Reserve System and how it works, I would recommend starting with the book by the great researcher and activist, G. Edward Griffin of, The Creature from Jekyll Island. For those who like a video format, a good starting point would be a video produced by another great researcher, journalist, podcaster, activist, James Corbett of, Century of Enslavement: The History of the Federal Reserve System. With the understanding that the Federal Reserve is a system of human enslavement based in coercion and control over human beings, one has to eventually come to the thought, “what can I do about this?”. Introducing: Agorism Among other solutions that can be found (and they can be found), the idea of Agorism is one that has sparked my interest in a big way. What is Agorism? The Wikipedia definition tells us: “Agorism is a libertarian social philosophy that advocates creating a society in which all relations between people are voluntary exchanges by means of counter-economics, thus engaging in a manner with aspects of peaceful revolution. It was first proposed by libertarian philosopher Samuel Edward Konkin III in 1975, with contributions partly by J. Neil Schulman.” I don’t like to heavily rely on Wikipedia being the ultimate authority for defining everything and presenting an accurate historical view. However, they do a decent job providing a definition for us here. We can look to Konkin, the creator of the concept of Agorism, from his book “An Agorist Primer”: “Agorism can be defined simply: it is thought and action consistent with freedom. The moment one deals with “thinking,” “acting,” “consistency,” and especially “freedom,” things get more and more complex…..” “…..Reality is our standard. Nature is our... continue reading

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I’ve perceived a need for an action oriented community in my local area. One in which people can come to find solutions that can be incorporated into their lives, and they can then participate in the learning, integrating, and teaching processes that we all have to offer depending at what stage we are at in moving toward more personal freedom in our lives and the lives of our friends and family. continue reading