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The Ebb and Flow, Understanding Motivation

Send him mail. “Coexisting with Coercion” is an original b-weekly column appearing every other Wednesday at, by qyj0L. qyj0L is a thinker, a writer, an artist, a dreamer, and a believer. Archived columns can be found here. CWC-only RSS feed available here. Throughout the entries that I have written in this column, a few ideas and philosophical standpoints have been outlined. Anyone, at least anyone with the ability to keep on track while I weave my way through tangents, should be seeing glimmers of logic intertwined. We’ve all come here, to EVC, for a common purpose. Each of us is approaching this purpose with a different history, completely with its own set of experiences, and from these experiences we’ve each formed our own perspectives on the subject of Voluntaryism. I recently read an article that makes a very solid point, that “without establishing a sort of foundation, anything built on top will be unstable.” I strongly agree with this, and would like to start from there.Voluntaryism, as I understand it, is a way of life that revolves around voluntary actions. But what does that mean, exactly? I don’t think the answer is nearly as direct as the question, and I believe this to be the reason why there are so many complications when it comes to actually establishing a society based on voluntary actions. All throughout history, there have been various cultures established on the voluntary principle, though none (that I’m aware of…) have called it by this name. Complications always seem to arise when there are multiple people, or multiple societies, that seem to be speaking about the same topic, while using different words; ah, the joys of semantic arguments. In this column today, I’d like to try to connect a few dots between some philosophies that I personally believe to be at the very core of Voluntaryism. I will provide links to allow each reader to explore the idea for themselves, yet I highly encourage anyone that reads this to do their own research, gathering their own details, and deciding what to believe, on their own. Please keep in mind that I am several years deep into research and thought on these subjects. I will provide one link per idea, where possible, yet some of these subjects are quite broad, and it may take more than a few minutes of reading in order to grasp what it is I’m trying to explain. The Law of Attraction is an old ideal. The basic concept is that we create our realities based on the thoughts and ideas that we allow ourselves to believe in. Sounds like sorcery, eh? Maybe in some way, it is a little bit of magic. According to the Law of Attraction, each of us is essentially a magnet, drawing in our lives the things that we want to be here. This idea is very powerful, and can be completely overwhelming for those that have accepted the limitations that have been pushed onto us since birth;... continue reading

Tilting the Scale

Send him mail. “Coexisting with Coercion” is an original b-weekly column appearing every other Wednesday at, by qyj0L. qyj0L is a thinker, a writer, an artist, a dreamer, and a believer. Archived columns can be found here. CWC-only RSS feed available here. Hello again, freedom lovers. The time has come once again to loosen the valve a bit, and let out some of what’s been steaming. My personal time has been spent gardening lately, or more accurately, preparing to garden. I’ve set up a raised bed for vegetables, and established a strip of what will become a flower bed along the sides of my house. The work is hard, yet it is so much more rewarding than I could have ever thought possible from such a simple action. In an effort to bring you along the wavelength that is my thought process, I feel I should begin at the proverbial beginning. My place of residence (please notice that I don’t refer to this parcel of land as my property, and for more reasons than the obvious “I don’t own this house”) has gone through several phases over the years. I mow the grass, I trim the trees, I do what is asked of me to maintain the visual aspect of keeping up the image of what this society has deemed to be acceptable. There have been times where I chose to let the lawn grow unchecked, promptly followed by notices from the city urging that this eye-sore/fire hazard/property value diminishing trait be sorted. Throughout this adventure of “keeping up with the Joneses” under threat of action, I have come to understand a few of the intricacies of the state. The first of which I have been touching on since I began to put words down: the ideas of property, of life, and of domination. Property, as defined at, reads as follows: that which a person owns; the possession or possessions of a particular owner: They lost all their property in the fire. goods, land, etc., considered as possessions: The corporation is a means for the common ownership of property. a piece of land or real estate: property on Main Street. ownership; right of possession, enjoyment, or disposal of anything, especially of something tangible: to have property in land. something at the disposal of a person, a group of persons, or the community or public: The secret of the invention became common property. From this we can fairly say that in one form or another, everything can be considered property, would you agree? By state law this rings true, and yet there are still complications, there are still grey areas in the understanding of what exactly it is that this means. My mind, while processing this idea, drifts immediately to the question of who decides what is whose property, and what exactly is required to establish “ownership” of a thing. There are a great many minds that have addressed these questions, baffling as they are, and yet the common... continue reading

A Line in the Sand

Send him mail. “Coexisting with Coercion” is an original b-weekly column appearing every other Wednesday at, by qyj0L. qyj0L is a thinker, a writer, an artist, a dreamer, and a believer. Archived columns can be found here. CWC-only RSS feed available here. Hey there, freedom lovers. By reading this, you have already taken steps to understand yourself, and your situation. You have stood up from the seat that you were assigned, and taken a survey of the landscape. Beyond that, you understand that what we know as “society”, or “civilization”, is anything but social, or civilized. We live in a place where thoughts are not only suggested, but thrown at us from all directions, and though we may not realize it, we draw from these thoughts we’ve been shown; pre-planned thoughts that have very little to do with our own state of being. Take a look at yourself, and consider this: Have I ever found myself in a situation that I was unfamiliar with? The likely answer is “yes”. We’ve all met people we haven’t seen before, been places we’ve never been before, and done things we’ve never done before, right? Now ask yourself another question: What pool of experience did your mind dive into in order to help you relax and feel more at ease?Was it a movie? Perhaps a story that you’ve read, or that someone has told you? Maybe a skit in a TV show that you’ve watched before briefly touched on the concept you now struggle with? Whatever the case may be, the core is still the same: You drew from an idea that you picked up somewhere along the way, compared it to your other ideas of things you deemed to be similar, then brought these concepts into reality, using them to shape your steps as you moved through this unfamiliar territory. My real questions, then, are these: How voluntary was the choice made, when all factors are considered? If we did not request instructions, but were given some anyway, is that a form of force? A name I go by is qyj0L. Who am I? Well… that’s a much more complicated question. I’m what could be called a “newbie” in the voluntaryism state of mind. My stance is one that was taken out of necessity, so to speak. My life was spiraling out of control; I was making choices that I didn’t understand or agree with, going in directions that I didn’t want to go in… in short, I was not living the life that I truly wanted to live. When I realized this, I all but panicked. I had to take control and reorient myself; in short, I had to figure out what I was doing. Through analyzing the self, and those individuals around me, the pieces began to fall into place: my life was not my own. Upon discovery of this, I did what anyone would do… I rebelled. One could say that I was pushed into this position; I lost... continue reading