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Finding Beauty in Every Freakin’ Moment, No Matter What

How often are we anxious, frustrated, looking forward to something coming up, unhappy with ourselves, unhappy with others? How often are we not happy with what’s going on in this present moment? What if we could, instead, be completely in love with this moment? What if, no matter what happened, we could find the beauty, joy, and gratitude in the moment as it happens? Let’s make it so. Read the full thing

The Main Reason Changing Your Life is Tough

Many of us have things we’d like to change: our exercise and diet habits, procrastination and productivity habits, patience and mindfulness habits, quitting bad habits, decluttering and finances, reading and learning and doing all the things we want to do in life. But very often we fall short of our hopes. What’s the problem? Why do we struggle with these changes? Read the full thing

4 Step Guide to Letting Go of the Past

What if we could just let go of things have have happened, and be present with the unfolding moment instead? What if we could let the past remain in the past, and unburden ourselves? What is we could see that our holding onto the past is actually hurting us right now … and look at letting go as a loving act of not hurting ourselves anymore? It can be done, though it isn’t always easy. Here’s the practice I recommend, in four steps. Read the full thing