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There Needs to be a Big Wall

I don't speak the language of the people there, and few of them spoke English. Literally hundreds of people had the opportunity to attack me, rob me, or kill me. None did. That did not surprise me. Several of them gave me food and other stuff, in exchange for pieces of paper. Words were not needed for that to happen. Mutual respect and courtesy abounded, as did mutually beneficial interaction. Read the full thing

Have the Balls to Admit Your Bigotry

There are a number of people who are xenophobic, nationalist, racist dumbasses, who want the violence of "government" used to keep everyone away who isn't quite like them. However, in that category are two types: 1) those who openly admit what they think and what they condone, and; 2) those who use "code" rhetoric, intentionally speak in vague euphemisms, and pretend to not be what they are. I can't decide which I like less. Read the full thing

Civic Religion Impedes Clear Thinking

Even I sometimes forget how thoroughly the religious belief in political "authority" mangles people's ability to think. For example, a certain statist just expressed genuine confusion and bafflement when trying to comprehend this: Sometimes I don't want "A" to happen, and yet I don't feel justified in using force (on my own or via "government") to prevent "A" from happening. Read the full thing

Lock Up Young Men for Safety

Allowing young men - let's say age 18 to 23 - to be free increases the crime rate, as young men commit a disproportionately high percentage of violent crimes. Doesn't that fact justify locking up all men between the ages of 18 and 23? If it would dramatically reduce violent crime, and therefore reduce overall aggression, wouldn't that mean that such an action constitutes moral defensive force? Read the full thing

What’s So Bad about Globalism?

So nationalists love to rant and rave about the dangers of "globalism," which seems odd to me for a couple of reasons. First of all, the meaning of "globalism" seems pretty unclear, considering how different people define it. If it is used to mean global "government," then I oppose it - not because it's global, but because it's authoritarian. But some people use the term to just mean thinking that we should kind of care about everyone on the planet, without regard to politician-created lines and borders. If that's the definition, then I - and all voluntaryists - would be "globalists." Read the full thing

An Open Letter to a Statist

If you have an opinion about politics that differs from mine, I can't just ignore the difference and get along with you. Why not? Because any "political" opinion that differs from mine necessarily includes you wanting men with guns forcing me to live my life, make my choices, and spend my money according to your preferences and whims. There is no such thing, and can be no such thing, as a tolerant statist. If you want peaceful coexistence, you have to stop advocating violent aggression against your fellow man. Read the full thing