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Kids Learn Naturally: Why Compulsory Schooling is Unneccessary and Even Harmful, A Case Study

Life is learning. Language has a definite purpose for us, and utility. In short, learning the language our mommy and daddy use to communicate has meaning. We need to get that milk! We need our blessed diaper changed! This language stuff gets shit done! Without meaning, "education" is a breathtakingly inane and pathetic waste of an individual's time. continue reading

Why Free Immigration Is the Moderate, Common-Sense Position

Far from being utopian, saying "Immigration is a human right" is just the moderate, common-sense position that when natives and foreigners voluntarily interact, strangers are morally obliged to leave them alone unless the overall consequences are clearly awful. Even if the stranger happens to be the government - and the government happens to be popular. continue reading

Social Norms, Moral Judgments, and Irrational Parenting

Our current norm of extreme protection of children has become, unfortunately, not just a social norm, but a moral norm. If you don’t watch your child (or have some other responsible guard watching) every minute, you are, in the eyes of many people, doing something immoral. How can we change this crippling social norm and get back to common sense? continue reading